Our platform gives 4% profit until May 25, investing consider this information.

Since we do not want to mislead our investors, we immediately warn about this.

Until May 20-25, 2020, we advise you to withdraw money from the platform, since after Halving Bitcoin we will reduce the production rate by half.

Anyone who ignores this information runs the risk of losing their money.


Is it safe to invest here? Yes of course it is. We are a registered company wich is working in the financial industry with all insurance guarantee. Our partners can control the time/level of their investments by withdrawing capital in any time after 24 hours. Our technical infrastructure is one of the most best protected from against unauthorized access by third parties. You can be sure that all investments and personal information are 100% secure. We are protect all our partners.
How to start earning with your company? It's very simple,everybody can do it in only 3 steps. 1. Register an account, registration is free and takes no more than 1 minute. 2. Make your first deposit,all can start from only 1$. 3. Earnings will be added to your balance every 24 hours. You can withdraw/reinvest them any time. As additional source of earning,you can recommending our platform to others. You will receive a commission for every deposit made by the person you invited.
How long we are planning to work? First of all, our site is Cloud Mining, we provide rental of computing equipment to users for period of 50 days. But in 2020, from May 20 to May 25, there will be a Bitcoin Halving (the remuneration for cryptocurrency mining will decrease half), therefore, after May 25, we will reduce the mining speed by 2 times and continue to work. Also, we have the latest mining equipment, for example:RTX 2080 Ti video cards, Asic Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro, Asic Bitmain Antminer T17, Antminer 15 Series.
At that time market situation allows us to create a very solid financial base for our assets. Our experts always adapts to the market and always try to get much as possible. The year 2020 - its a beginning of building the brand that we want to develop over the next years.
What is Minimum / Maximum withdrawal amount? Minimum amount withdrawal-$2. Maximum amount withdrawal-no limit.
What is the minimum/maximum deposit amount? Minimum Deposit amount - $1 or the same value in cryptocurrencies, converted at the current rate. Maximum Deposit amount - $100 000, if you want to invest more, you can should made other deposit.
What is your commission for replenishment and withdrawal of funds? Your deposit will be on balance after 3 confirmations from the Blockchain network. It usually takes 5-60mins.
Can I have more than one deposit? Yes, you can have many deposits in your account. There are no limits.
Can I withdraw my amount from GH/S? Yes, after the first 24 hours you can make the main capital payment. The payment is subject to a fee of 3% of its amount. After 50 days, the main capital amount will be returned to your balance, free/charge, and you can withdraw it.
How long will I wait for my withdrawal? Withdrawal time are processed from 0 to 24 hours.
Do you charge any fees for withdrawals? Withdrawals of your daily profits are free. Also withdrawing your amount after the end of the investment plan period (after 50 days) - free. Early Principal withdraw - taking 3% of comission.
Can I reinvest from Account Balance? Yes,its possible to make a new deposit with using funds from Balance. Minimum amount to re-invest is $1.
What mining income will I receive? You will receive from 2 to 6% profit per day from your deposit.
What is it VIP Contract? VIP Contract includes profit from Mining + Trading on exchanges VIP users can increase their income from 2% to 6% per day
Wich methods for deposite are available? Our company works with payment systems BitCoin, LiteCoin and DogeCoin, Dash, Etherium and Payeer.
How does your referral program work? After registering on the site, you will receive the power of 100 GH/S as a gift, for each user who comes to the site via your link you will receive another 10 MH/S, as well as 12% of his deposit.
Can I create several accounts? No, creating more than one account is strictly prohibited! Creating multiple accounts will lead System to block it all.
What should I do if I forget the password from my account? Click on the “Login” button,after click on the “Forgot Password” button. Next, you will need to indicate the e-mail that you used for registering account and your Login. After that, a new password will be sent to your e-mail.
How can I bring users through an affiliate link? You can invite users, on forums, in social networks, in person, in instant messengers, using paid advertising.